Ray Mitchell

(269) 757-3268  

Ray began his real estate career while pursuing a marketing degree.  As an undergrad, he joined the Slavik Companies of Southfield, Michigan, a company with a large presence in Ann Arbor.  Their businesses included home construction and sales, numerous apartment complexes, offices and commercial buildings.

In his senior year, Ray joined Mckinley Associates as Vice President with responsibilities over all new construction, property management, sales and leasing. Geographically, their activities and properties covered numerous states from Pittsburgh to Oklahoma City.

Ray traveled between Ann Arbor and the Saint Joseph/Benton Harbor area for business until 1974, when activities here required more direct attention.  He relocated with his family and, so to speak, “never looked back.”  Within a year Ray and his wife, Karen, decided to permanently re-locate, and the rest is history.

Ray and his wife Karen have lived in the Saint Joseph area since 1974.  They raised their daughter Tasha here and she now lives in Tecumseh, Michigan.  Tasha and her family love to visit Saint Joseph and its environs often!

Ray has been in real estate in the Southwest Michigan area since 1974 and provides a depth of experience and knowledge in all aspects of real estate that is practically without rival. Put his services and experience to work for you.